About Us

Our Mission. Our Vision.

Who we are

Kinsolve Solutions is an ICT product and service provider, aimed at solving business technology issues, by providing reliable and cost effective solution for the smooth running of customer’s IT infrastructure.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a robust and yet affordable solution, tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs. We ensure we work with your companies to deliver solutions that meet their unique requirements. Our services ranges from business and accounting software solutions to hardwares and security solutions.

Our Resources

We have qualified resources that are geared towards satisfying our customers needs. Thus, we follow a user centric approach of implementing our solutions to meet the desired needs of our customers.

IT Outsourcing

Being technically oriented, we have partnered with other IT companies to implement robust solutions for their various customers, and we are still open to new partnership relationship. Please contact us if you need us to work with your company.
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